Jan Carlo Viray Senior Front-End Developer / Full-Stack Agile

ES7 Async and Await Simplified

Promises have been the predominant solution to the "callback hell" issue with JavaScript, but starting with ES6, and now ES7 it is slowly being tucked behind the scenes to pave way for async and await.

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Install Docker in Mac OSX

Docker is one of the "disruptive" technologies I have recently been watching. It is a great new paradigm for devops and deployment. I believe the future is on containers. Here's a quick intro on installing it on your Mac OSX machine.

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2015? New Focus and Pursuits

The traditional "first!" on this blog. Quite a rebirth from my other blogs. This time, it will be a focus on my career in development and possibly (ultimate goal), entrepreneurship. This year 2015 should be a good year!

My Focus and Pursuits this Year

Dev Ops

Containers and Docker changes (or levels?) the playing field. Being able to start and stop an isolated "vm" in less than a second is amazing! More than that, having layers and operating the server in a "git" fashion is pure magic! Developers now are able to be involved in deployment and server management. In fact, sometimes it is now expected. It is quite exciting to have this technology and it definitely is spreading like a wildfire.

On the case for "Agile"

It is quite a different world we live in now. Transition times must be shorter and execution must be faster. Ideas are everywhere and innovation is king.

I believe being "Agile" in every area (including personal life) and processes is the holy-grail towards surving and thriving in this fast-paced world. Almost every industry is moving doubly faster every year and innovation is everywhere. Execution must adapt to the continually changing world and requirements.

Full Stack Agile DevOps Engineer

Is there a beehive here? That's quite a lot of buzzzzwords! In fact, it is a title that does not even exist. I am currently Senior Front-End Developer, but am transitioning towards the title for myself personally and hopefully start getting some traction towards building a lean startup. Lots of ideas, very little time.

Entrepreneurship and Passive Income

I've always been more inclined towards business, entrepreneurship, leadership (not management!) and actually being involved in the community and public relations. Living in the engineering world is quite a contrast from my past, but has been very beneficial in seeing the world and opportunities in a more convincing eye. Nothing is impossible and all it takes is hard work and time. This year, hopefully my projects would take off!

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